A consulting service that develops and facilitates: business collaborations, strategic consulting, and technical assistance for individuals and organizations who are in the Economic Development, Innovation, and Sustainability space. Having been established in the Nation’s Capitol enables District Strategy to connect purveyors of Economic Development, Innovation, and Sustainability to key stakeholders in Government, Non Profit, and the Commercial sectors.

Economic Development

Demographic, cultural and general environmental trends have stimulated Urbanization and Economic Development in urban areas.   District Strategy seeks to facilitate Sustainable Economic Development by identifying and facilitating strategic collaborations between key stakeholders in the Public and Private sectors.


With increased accessibility of information and technology, today’s innovator’s are equipped to creatively disrupt conventional products, processes, and peoples with transformative alternatives.  District Strategy seeks to connect innovators with key stakeholders to embrace and enable scalability of innovations and encourage innovators.


Forces of Urbanization, Economic Development, and Globalization have destabilized Political, Economic, and Ecological systems. Sustainable Development, led by Sustainable Business initiatives is a profitable solution to mitigate against these destabilizing forces.  District Strategy provides Counseling and Connections to Sustainable Enterprises to meet their objectives, while stabilizing our Human and Ecological systems.


The best way to contact us is via email nrajpara@districtstragey.com or by phone +1 202 420-8230